The Charles Caudwell Heritage Trail

Charles Caudwell bought the mill that stands by the River Greet in Southwell in 1851 and his family milled flour there for four generations. Since that time the Caudwell family have made substantial contributions to the town and two members of the Caudwell family, Ruth and Elizabeth still live locally.

The Caudwell trail starts at the Newcastle Arms on Station Road and, over a distance of 2.5 miles, takes walkers past the Caudwell Mill and the River Greet on to Maythorne Mill and the Southwell Paddy. Along the trail, there’s wealth of wildlife ranging from unspoilt grassland to mammals, such as rabbits, water and field voles to birds of prey, like kestrels and sparrow hawks.

There’s a car park at the beginning of the trail and refreshments are available from the Newcastle Arms pub.